Innovation Profession Commitment
Turqinno aims for healthier indoor environment with blending science and experience. Our team employs intelligent temperature and moisture management systems to achieve energy-efficient and durable buildings.


Turqinno provides solutions for high-performance buildings. We supply a wide range of materials and systems, focusing on improving the performance of buildings. Our solutions are suited for both retrofit existing and newly constructed buildings, diversity of building types.  
We support developers, builders, homeowners, and designers throughout New Zealand to select high-performance materials and supply them with high-tech and innovative systems and products.  
You are more than welcome to bring all your ideas, concept plans, and consent drawings and let us provide you with the best options.


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Ali, A Mechanical Engineer with eight years’ experience in energy-efficient construction and Green House science, follows the latest development and research in the area of intelligent indoor moisture and temperature management. Ali manages research and development division of building physics in Turqinno.


Majid’s ten years’ experience in Civil Engineering helps him with the provision of high-tech and professional services in waterproofing and pressure equalisation technologies in enclosure systems. Majid concentrates on delivering consultancy services to the clients and industry.


With nine years of experience in Civil/Earthquake Engineering, Amin is the director of Turqinno. His background in management enables him to understand market demands, clients’ requirements, and the delivery of high-quality services. He has emphasised on his ability as a sales manager and market developer of various constructions materials.


Milad has more than 10 years of experience in Mechanical and Civil Engineering industry. His expertise is in the environmental durability of adhesive bonding. He has extensive studies on different temperature and humidity effects on structures. His main approach is to complete the projects on time, on budget, and in a professional manner.


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    Innovation Profession Commitment

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